An Introduction


Over the years, I have kept various types of journals, all of which were private. I have always wanted to have one available for the public to read, but could never settle on a topic. Until today, that is.

Being a community pharmacist is very interesting. It has its pros and cons. It’s dynamic and ever-changing. I see so many different people walk through the front doors, each with their own story. There are things that patients have taught me or made me realize too. Being a community pharmacist may be extremely stressful at times, but in the end, it’s personally satisfying and makes me realize just how proud I am to be a pharmacist.

Every day that I come home from work, I always have at least one story to tell, whether it be a funny statement, an aggravation, or a touching experience. I want to keep track and document these. This is mainly for my personal benefit, but I also want to give others a chance to see things from my side of the counter. So, I’m going to attempt to write here after every work day is over with whatever story I have to tell.

I hope you enjoy.


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