Story Telling


Today was an odd day. Being the first of the month, I expected the day to be very busy. On the contrary, it was relatively calm. Most people were quick about their visits to the pharmacy. There were two people that stood out in my mind, though.

An elderly woman, who is a regular patient of ours, came to pick up a prescription. This woman is always full of stories, and I can’t fathom all that she has experienced in her lifetime. She’s cute, polite, and very spunky. She was probably a Rosie the Riveter during her young adult years. It’s always a joy to have her pay us a visit. I love listening to her, but I can’t always tell which stories are real and which are not.

She always proudly speaks of one of her grandchildren who graduated from medical school at the same age most people would graduate from high school. Though I don’t doubt there are prodigy children that have the mental ability to do so, it just seems a very unlikely story. There are many other things she says that are very far-fetched, but not impossible. Since I can’t be sure of what’s true, I give her stories the benefit of the doubt. I love hearing her talk about her children and grandchildren. It always brightens my day, and I would never tell her I didn’t believe her. After all, the stories could be true.

I was also paid a visit by an older woman who grew up with a pharmacist in her family. It amazes me how much trust she puts in me based solely on my profession. She always comes to me for advice on what she should do about various medical conditions. I always word my thoughts with care because I know she would take my advice over her physician’s without hesitation. I have warned her to not go by my word alone, but I can’t force her not to. My aim with her is to try to get her to reveal what her doctor told her before I say my piece. She’s a nice woman, and I enjoy when she stops by. Still, whenever I see her, I feel both very important and very cautious all at once.

As a general rule, I like the elderly people that come to our pharmacy. Most are nice, and all have a lifetime of stories to tell. A lot of them are also very trusting of us, and many heavily rely on us to make sure everything’s as it should be. I try my best to never let them down.


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