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So, today was, overall, a nice day at the pharmacy. I got to see a lot of my favorite patients, and the day wasn’t too hectic. It was a pretty smooth Friday, and I was actually able to eat lunch. One story stuck out in my mind, though, because it wasn’t as lighthearted and airy as the rest of the day.

So, for whatever reason, our drug supplier did not send us enough of a medication we had ordered. We had two women who were both owed two boxes of said drug. Only two boxes total came in our order. My technicians and I let out heavy sighs, knowing we would have to break the news to them somehow. One box would be enough to get them through the weekend, all of next week, and then some, but it was not enough for the full month. The decision to give each a box until we could get he rest in on Monday was an easy one to make on our end. So, my techs got on the phones to call each woman, while I continued to check prescriptions and counsel patients.

Apparently, both patients insisted that we give them both boxes and tell the other nothing came in. Without going into too much detail, I will just say that the medication is 100% necessary and both women were completely out of it for the weekend otherwise. The techs attempted to explain this, and, yet both women kept insisting that she needed it more. We ended up giving each one box, as it would be unethical to make one do without. Neither was happy but agreed since the only other option was to get nothing.

I couldn’t help but shake my head after hearing what happened. Both women were talked to separately and by different people. I was amazed that the response was identical. It made me wonder how much good is truly left in the world. Both knew how important it was for people to have this medication, but both were willing to make another suffer so they could have more. How greedy and selfish humans can be.


At least that situation was followed by a two year old running through the pharmacy playing hide and seek with his mother, while she desperately tried to lure him back out into the store. ^_^


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