Word Salad



Today was an interesting day at the pharmacy. It was slightly busy, but not in a bad way. There was one thing that made the day a bit more trying than others like it.

About an hour after opening, the pharmacy received a phone call from a man who could not be understood. The technician who answered the phone tried to get him to repeat himself several times, and then the call was disconnected from the caller’s end. About five minutes later, I pick up the phone to hear this man. The only way I can describe what his voice sounded like was that of a stroke victim experiencing “word salad”. His words were so jumbled together I couldn’t understand anything he was trying to tell me. I tried asking yes or no questions, which only caused him to hang up.

The same person continued to call on and off all day. He called the pharmacy. He called the front store. He called through on the physician only line (a pet peeve of mine). He must have called upwards of 20 times today. At first, I felt bad. My techs and I tried to find all different ways to ask him what he needed. We read off the hours we were open as well, in case that’s what he was calling about. Meanwhile, our patients in the store and in the drive-thru were slowly becoming more and more impatient. Finally, we asked him to either physically come to the store or stop calling. The message must have stuck because he did not call again.

I don’t even know what to think about this. It was one of the strangest things I have ever experienced while working in the pharmacy.


Image courtesy of http://i637.photobucket.com/albums/uu96/palamar4uk/speech.jpg


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