So many people today had all kinds of tummy troubles! I couldn’t help but wonder if their holiday eatings had anything to do with it. (I live in the United States, and we just celebrated Memorial Day over here.) The most common complaint was constipation. Definitely no fun for anyone.

The story that sticks out most is one of a mother who came in to get something to help with constipation that her daughter was experiencing. She told me her daughter has physical handicaps and runs into this problem from time to time. Normally, the gentle laxatives and stool softeners work, but they haven’t this time. She asked about a recommendation for something stronger, so I begin to point her in the direction of the stronger Senokot tablets. That’s when she tells me the girl hasn’t been able to go for four days.

There is a difference between being constipated for a day or two and being constipated for four days or more. If you’re constipated for a day, usually you’re in no real trouble and a stool softener or a gentle overnight laxative will do the trick. If you’re constipated for four days or more, you’re at risk for a bowel impaction, which may need to be manually resolved by a healthcare professional. My recommendation for this woman was to have her daughter use magnesium citrate (an oldie, but goodie). I told her if she didn’t have any bowel movements after using it, to take her to the hospital to check for an impaction.

It’s funny how often I find myself recommending products for stomach ailments. There’s at least one person a day who asks for help choosing a product for bowel regulation and other related things. Generally speaking, when the tummy is happy, the person is happy.


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