How Rude!



Today’s theme was definitely rude behavior. In a community pharmacy, rudeness is a commonly observed trait. But, it seemed like there were several exceptionally rude people at the pharmacy today.

One example was that of a lady dropping off a prescription for another person. She didn’t like that there was someone ahead of her. As I was figuring out what that person’s copay would be, the woman behind her literally pushed this person to the side to throw her script on the counter. A fight nearly broke out between the two people.

Another example would be that of a person who came to the drive-thru to pick up a prescription. We had just received it about a minute or two prior to her arrival. We told her it would take about 15 minutes to get it ready and asked her to come back. She refused to move and shut off her car. She couldn’t care less that the people behind her were angrily beeping their horns.

A third example was that of a person who wanted her pain medication filled 10 days early. When we refused because it was too early to fill, she started yelling and threatening to sue our store. On her way out, she stopped random customers (including those in our waiting area) to ask them loudly how horrible they thought we were. When they looked at her like she had two heads, she told them they were just as bad as us.

I also saw two people fighting over a dropped dollar bill and an adult laugh at a toddler who tripped over his shoelaces (this adult was not with the toddler or his parent). It’s days like these that I wish I could send people back to preschool to learn manners again.

Truthfully, it doesn’t bother me when people yell at or act rudely towards us. It bothers me when they act rudely towards random people in the pharmacy that they don’t know. It grates on my nerves. Everyone comes to the pharmacy for the same general purpose–to get medications. Don’t pick fights or argue during the 15 minutes that you’re there. Show the other waiting patients the same courtesy you would want them to show to you.

The Golden Rule is such a simple concept, yet it eludes much of the human race. On days like these, I can only shake my head.


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2 thoughts on “How Rude!

  1. Lucas says:

    Some people have no manners at all and I just cannot believe that fact! I learned that people come to a pharmacy just to get a medication they need and bothing more. It’s the worst thing that could ever happend to them if they have to wait in a line just for a 5 minutes… It’s for them and their health, we work in their interest for god’s sake. I cannot understand that logic…

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