A Breath of Fresh Air


Today, I have a lovely story to share. It warmed my heart and made my day. ^_^

Around lunch time, I received a call from a physician’s office inquiring about an elderly woman’s most recent fill date for a rescue inhaler. Looking at her profile, I noticed it was filled less than a week ago. The nurse I was speaking with told me the woman stated that her inhalers are always defective when she gets them filled. I remember a month or so ago the patient had contacted the manufacturer about it, and they sent a replacement to our pharmacy to give to her. I told the nurse to have the woman come to the pharmacy, and I would be able to determine if the defect was real or if this was simply a case of the patient not knowing the correct administration technique. The nurse thanked me and hung up.

A few hours later, the patient stopped by. Now, I love my elderly patients, especially the little, old ladies. They are full of stories and generally appreciate the pharmacy staff’s help. I tend to go out of my way to help them, since they seem to put the most blind faith in us. The woman handed me her inhaler. I pushed the canister down, but nothing came out. I told the woman I would be right back. I went over to our sink and gently cleaned out the mouthpiece with a paper towel and warm water. Putting it back together, I found that a good clean was all it needed. I returned it to the lady, who used a puff right then and there as a test. I gave her a few tips on inhaler technique and the proper way to clean it. She looked at me with a very serious face, waved her index finger, and said, “Come here for a minute.” Thinking she was going to ask me something else about the inhaler, I was happily surprised by the big hug I received from her with a whispered, “Thank you,” in my ear. She said I relieved her fear of not being able to breathe. She told me I would be her go-to person for help from now on. It’s amazing how one small action can mean the world to some people.


It is days like these that make everything worth it. I am proud to be a pharmacist, and I love my job.


Image courtesy of http://i1204.photobucket.com/albums/bb417/NataliaECF/firecongrats/8l3-hug-7.gif


One thought on “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. steve says:

    What a great story. That is wat it is all about and why I personally enjoy prcticing retail pharmacy!

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