Stole Our Hearts


Today’s story is a sad and difficult one.

One of our pharmacy’s favorite patients stopped by today. He’s a man in his nineties and loves to make us laugh. He didn’t have a prescription, but he said he had some other shopping to do. He stopped by and said hi to everyone. We all smiled and were glad to see him, as always.

Our smiles quickly faded, though, because we were informed by our store manager that she caught him stealing candy and a few other items. We didn’t want to believe it. We asked if it was just forgetfulness or senility, and we were told it wasn’t, as he had stuff shoved in his pants and jacket pockets and began walking out the doors without purchasing anything else. It made us wonder how many times he had done this before. =(

This is probably once of the most difficult things I have come across at this pharmacy. Luckily, I was not the one who had to approach him about it. Now, our trust in him as a patient and a person is gone. I wonder if he was stealing due to a lack of money, but still, none of the items he attempted to steal were necessities. Overall, it’s just so disheartening.


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