Slow Day



Today was a very slow day. As much as hectic days make me want to scream, slow days are worse in my opinion. The day tends to drag by and seems to last forever.

I saw a few sweet elderly couples today that warmed my heart. The way they interacted was a lovely addition to my day. It wasn’t even big actions. But, it’s the little things that count in life many times. An elderly man, who was walking with a cane, held out his arm for his wife to support herself as she stood up from a chair in the waiting area. Even as feeble as he was, he still treated his wife like a gentleman would treat a lady. The wife told me they just celebrated their 55th anniversary. It amazes me when I see how long some people are together.

A scene I saw today reminded me of when I was small. I saw an elderly man with his granddaughter. She couldn’t have been older than three or four. Her little fingers were wrapped around his index finger as they walked down the aisle. One of my earliest memories is doing just that with my own grandfather, only we were at an amusement park. It made me smile, especially when I could hear her happy giggles. [Insert nostalgic reverie here.]

It seemed like most of the people that I spoke with on the phone today were very thankful for my help and generally in a very good mood. It broke up the monotony of the day (thank goodness). The most interesting thing I did otherwise was clean and dust. It’s disgusting how dirty the pharmacy can get.


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