Keep Out of the Reach of Children


I have found that one of the things I do while it’s not too busy at work take note of how parents handle their children’s antics. Not to pick on them or snicker. Just out of curiosity, since every parent handles it differently. But, today, I couldn’t help but shake my head and chuckle.

Meet the “parent of the year”…

The mother had just picked up her albuterol inhaler right after we opened. Later on, we get a phone call from her asking for a refill. We ask why she needs it refilled again on the same day. Her answer is as follows:

“Well, I let my son play with it because his squirt gun broke. Now, it’s all gone.”

It was so difficult to keep a calm, serious sounding demeanor because I wanted to laugh so hard. I have never heard something so ridiculous. She then asked if we could get an override from the insurance for a new one. Her insurance didn’t allow for lost/spilled medication overrides, so we offered her an in-store discount. Even so, the price was still $30, which she couldn’t afford. She said she’d get it filled again when she had the money.

After the phone call ended, I burst out laughing. Why on earth would you willingly allow your child to play with your medication?? Not only will that leave you without medication, but more importantly that could be dangerous to your child! It’s just an all around bad situation, which should have never happened.

*shakes head*

Moral of the story — There is a reason all medications say keep out of the reach of children on them.


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