Today’s theme seemed to be loss of a loved one. Multiple people came in to the pharmacy to inform us that their husband, wife, father, mother, child, or friend had passed away. Each person seemed to be handling it well considering the circumstances. Nonetheless, it’s always a sad topic.

The person who’s story stuck out most is that of a middle-aged man, whose father passed away a few months ago. This was very hard on the whole family, as he was the patriarch and the elder. Not long after his father passed away, his mother needed to be placed in a nursing home for reasons he did not elaborate on. All he told us was that her condition had been ongoing for some time, and that his father had been able to care for her at home. After his passing, it was only a matter of time until she required some sort of assisted living. He informed us that her condition has deteriorated even more since entering the facility.

His sad tale did not end there. Though this man does have a brother, but his brother is mentally handicapped. He is unable to live by himself. His brother had been living with his parents, but after his father passed away, the man felt obligated to pick up where they had left off. Now, he has assumed the role of a primary caretaker, which is no easy task for anyone. The man also has no spouse or children. It just seems like everything is so very wrong for him right now. My heart broke upon hearing his story.

The thing that got me most, though, wasn’t the sad circumstances or how every aspect of his life changed so quickly, but rather, the man’s demeanor and outlook. There is no doubt he is hurting, but he persists on with his life and does not mope about. A person walking down the street would never know the pain he must be feeling. He stays strong in the face of adversity. That is a quality I admire. I don’t know if I could compose myself so well if I were in his situation.

Readers, if you are lucky enough to have friends and family that you care about very much, take this opportunity to tell them you love them. Tell them often, and never take them for granted.

If you are going through a grieving period because you have lost someone dear, my thoughts and prayers are with you. It’s never easy, and nothing can prepare us for it. Cling to the others you love, and support each other during this hard time.

If you have been thrust into a situation you did not want nor choose, have faith. Whether it be faith in a religious sense or faith in another person, having a sense of faith is the strength and backbone you need in order to carry on with your life even when the tides have dramatically shifted.

I hope you all have a great day.


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