Flu Shot Season Has Sprung!


So, flu shot season has arrived at all the big name retail pharmacies. I personally think August is too early, but oh well. As a general rule, I love giving flu shots. It’s a break in the monotony of the day and gives me one-on-one time with patients. It’s actually how I got to know a lot of my regular patients last year when I was new to my current pharmacy.

Today, I had a mother and two girls come in for their annual flu shots. I had given the mother hers last year, and she remembered me, so it was a great experience right from the start. The younger of the two daughters has autism. Though the girl is 21, her mental capacity is that of a 9-11 year old. The mother also informed me the pharmacist who immunized her last year made her scream, so she was very nervous. I knew it would be a challenge, but I decided to administer it anyway because I believe everyone who wants to should be vaccinated.

The older sister went first, which helped ease the younger girl a bit. Both girls and the mother were very sweet and friendly. When it was the younger girl’s turn, she got very nervous and was almost in tears. The mother, older girl, and I all talked her down and got her to relax her arm. The older girl held her hand. I assured her it was a tiny needle, and it would be over before she knew it. We got her to take a deep breath, and I injected her as she exhaled. I braced myself for flinching and screaming.

But, the screaming never came. The girl said she couldn’t feel the needle at all! She thanked me and gave me a big hug after I put a band aid over the injection site. It made my day! ^_^

That was probably my most gratifying and unique flu shot experience yet. What was yours?


Image courtesy of http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z276/pattiefone27/myflushot.png